TED-like Talk

One day I went to Language Arts class and Mrs. Donnelly told us to watch some TED Talks.

A couple day later she said, we are going to make our own TED-like talks. I was really confused on what topic i was going to do. Then I picked my favorite thing, field hockey. I have been playing field hockey since I was 7. I brought all of my field hockey sticks that I have played with to my talk, even my first one. I was nervous to be the first person to present, but after I got up there I was fine. One fact about field hockey is to always go on the right side of your stick. It gives you better control. My call to action is pay attention to my tips and enjoy the game!


In the novel The Westing Game, everyone likes to invest, but Turtle loves it. Turtle does all of the records and listens to stock records. In Language Arts, we did fake stocks. We had $20,000 dollars to spend, we could buy any stocks and as many shares as we wanted. There was a winner who got a prize. We basically competed on how much we lost or gained. We kept it written down and we checked it every once a week to see our progress or loss. I lost $3,346.51. I did my stocks on Chipotle, Nike, and Target. You may ask why I did these, all of these are my favorite place to shop and eat. I lost the most on Chipotle then Target then Nike. I would do this again because it was fun and a great learning experience.

Tree Books

One day I went to Language Arts class and saw glue, paper, and paint. I was really confused about what we were doing. She told us to get out bags of leaves and paint the paper. We put the leaves on the wet paint and made colorful leaf paper. We cut them out and picked a tree stand to put them on. We wrote and wrote and wrote until we got the final pieces. We glued some papers in and more leaves. Then we went to the mall to show our parents. They loved it.

Thank you Mrs.Donnelly for this experience.

Morehead Planetarium

On Wednesday the whole 6th grade went to the Morehead Planetarium at UNC. We did some hands-on activities. We saw a science show and we went to the dome and watched a show. In my group, we went on a walk and saw the Old Well and Unsung Founders Memorial. The campus was really pretty and saw some cool things. I would really recommend going there. You learn some cool facts that you might not know.

I Will Always Write Back

The book I am reading is, “I Will Always Write Back”. This book is about 2 kids getting to know each other across the country. Caitlin is at school and her class gets to send a letter to someone on the other side of the world. She lives in America and Martin lives in Zimbabwe. Caitlin decides to write the first note to Martin. The note talks about what she likes doing and all about her. When Martin got this note he was surprised he had never received a note before. After he reads about Caitlin he writes one back, but there is one problem. He doesn’t have a ton of money for stamps and paper. Martin eventually gets enough money for the supplies and writes her back. They talk back and forth for months but then places around Zimbabwe get attacked and Caitlin doesn’t hear back from him for a long time.

What will happen next? Read “I Will Always Write Back” By Caitlin Alifrenka & Martin Ganda with Liz Welch.


The Red and Blue Coat

Wisdom tales are stories that go down in generations. You can make a wisdom tale about anything, like your dog who can talk to you or a mean math teacher. I chose The Red and Blue Coat because I think that it has a very good moral; Consider the other person’s point of view. When I made my tale it was really fun. We got to draw on apps. For my drawings, I used the app Sketchbook. You can do really anything on it. You also have all of the colors you can think of and all of the brushes you can think of. There are many more tools that you can use. While I also made my comic, I got to put the words in my own way. Drawing was probably my favorite part of creating my comic. Hope you enjoyed my blog post.

Birdie’s Billions

I am reading a new book called Birdies Billions. It is about a girl who loves to skateboard, she lives with her mom in an apartment complex. She finds a cat and the cat goes into a little tiny hole. The cat goes through a tiny space, and she follows the cat. she reaches out her hand and pulls out something out of the wall. What could it be? Could it be Gold, Silver or a watch? What could it be? Read Birdies Billions to find out.

Sisters Window and Mirror

I am talking about windows and mirrors. A window is a way of seeing a book. It means you don’t relate to the story. A mirror is another way of looking at a book. A mirror book is one you can relate to.  The book that I picked is a mirror.  The book I picked is Sisters. I have a sister and a brother, but mainly me and my sister bicker. This book is about sisters and their love for each other. In photos, you see the love in siblings but if you go out of that picture, they’re a mess. The main girl in this book  is so excited that she is going to have a sister, but once that baby is born, the baby gets all of the attention. This is kind of like me and my sister. So this book is a mirror.

My Backpack

In the book Finding Someplace, Reesie packed a bag with her necessities. You might ask why she packed a bag. Reesie is a girl who lives in New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina hit Reesie’s town so she packed a bag and left all of her belongings at home. It’s really hard thinking about a hurricane hitting our house. But just imagine how people who got affected by hurricane Katrina felt when they got the news that  their house was ruined.

We decided to also make a bag, not a real backpack, but we drew a backpack. I put some of my necessities. The necessities that I put in my bag are a coloring book with colored pencils. I get bored so drawing really helps me get more focused. I also put in a flashlight and a first aid kit because I am very clumsy. Then I put in Swedish fish because they are the best candy. Some of my essential items are in my backpack.  I brought a hair brush because my hair gets very knotty. I also put in my phone a phone charger and AirPods because I want to be able to contact my parents if I ever need to or if I get stranded by my parents. Last thing I put in my bag is a water bottle. I need a water bottle because I need to stay hydrated. That is all I put in my bag.