Sisters Window and Mirror

I am talking about windows and mirrors. A window is a way of seeing a book. It means you don’t relate to the story. A mirror is another way of looking at a book. A mirror book is one you can relate to.  The book that I picked is a mirror.  The book I picked is Sisters. I have a sister and a brother, but mainly me and my sister bicker. This book is about sisters and their love for each other. In photos, you see the love in siblings but if you go out of that picture, they’re a mess. The main girl in this book  is so excited that she is going to have a sister, but once that baby is born, the baby gets all of the attention. This is kind of like me and my sister. So this book is a mirror.

4 thoughts on “Sisters Window and Mirror

  1. I personally ❤️ this book, andI like what you said about inside the picture, and outside the picture. I think this book is a mirror for me too.

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