Tree Books

One day I went to Language Arts class and saw glue, paper, and paint. I was really confused about what we were doing. She told us to get out bags of leaves and paint the paper. We put the leaves on the wet paint and made colorful leaf paper. We cut them out and picked a tree stand to put them on. We wrote and wrote and wrote until we got the final pieces. We glued some papers in and more leaves. Then we went to the mall to show our parents. They loved it.

Thank you Mrs.Donnelly for this experience.

Morehead Planetarium

On Wednesday the whole 6th grade went to the Morehead Planetarium at UNC. We did some hands-on activities. We saw a science show and we went to the dome and watched a show. In my group, we went on a walk and saw the Old Well and Unsung Founders Memorial. The campus was really pretty and saw some cool things. I would really recommend going there. You learn some cool facts that you might not know.