Birdie’s Billions

I am reading a new book called Birdies Billions. It is about a girl who loves to skateboard, she lives with her mom in an apartment complex. She finds a cat and the cat goes into a little tiny hole. The cat goes through a tiny space, and she follows the cat. she reaches out her hand and pulls out something out of the wall. What could it be? Could it be Gold, Silver or a watch? What could it be? Read Birdies Billions to find out.

Sisters Window and Mirror

I am talking about windows and mirrors. A window is a way of seeing a book. It means you don’t relate to the story. A mirror is another way of looking at a book. A mirror book is one you can relate to.  The book that I picked is a mirror.  The book I picked is Sisters. I have a sister and a brother, but mainly me and my sister bicker. This book is about sisters and their love for each other. In photos, you see the love in siblings but if you go out of that picture, they’re a mess. The main girl in this book  is so excited that she is going to have a sister, but once that baby is born, the baby gets all of the attention. This is kind of like me and my sister. So this book is a mirror.

My Backpack

In the book Finding Someplace, Reesie packed a bag with her necessities. You might ask why she packed a bag. Reesie is a girl who lives in New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina hit Reesie’s town so she packed a bag and left all of her belongings at home. It’s really hard thinking about a hurricane hitting our house. But just imagine how people who got affected by hurricane Katrina felt when they got the news that  their house was ruined.

We decided to also make a bag, not a real backpack, but we drew a backpack. I put some of my necessities. The necessities that I put in my bag are a coloring book with colored pencils. I get bored so drawing really helps me get more focused. I also put in a flashlight and a first aid kit because I am very clumsy. Then I put in Swedish fish because they are the best candy. Some of my essential items are in my backpack.  I brought a hair brush because my hair gets very knotty. I also put in my phone a phone charger and AirPods because I want to be able to contact my parents if I ever need to or if I get stranded by my parents. Last thing I put in my bag is a water bottle. I need a water bottle because I need to stay hydrated. That is all I put in my bag.